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How does Vivation work?


Vivation is a kinesthetic (feelings-level) breathwork  technique that works with your body’s ability to reduce internal negativity. With special breathing rhythms, relaxation, and a heightened awareness of your feelings, you are able to accept and make peace with emotions and energy patterns that were previously distressing or suppressed and sapping your vitality.

Resolving these negative emotions results in what we call “integration,” meaning these emotions no longer drain your energy, govern your behavior, or limit your enjoyment of life.

Vivation teaches you to cooperate with your body's natural desire for healthy and enthusiastic living. Although most people attempt to control negative emotions, they often find that the effort needed do so is overwhelming. Vivation trains you to stop trying to control your emotions, and instead to harmonize with them, use them to your benefit, and practice skills that create a sense of well-being all of the time.

Vivation produces emotional resilience and an increased ability to bounce back from setbacks. Learning to quickly resolve internal distractions and emotional negativity creates greater focus, and thus greater productivity. Vivation is physically pleasurable to do and creates an overall feeling of glowing energy and a sense of optimism.


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