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Well-Being Resources


Vivation® in Europe

Weight Training for Women
Find out why you should include some weight training in your overall fitness plan: CollegeBodybuilding.com

Conscious Living
Inspirational articles delivered to your inbox daily, short and easy to read, but thought provoking and gentle.  DailyOM.com

Powerful advice on how to live the life you want, not the one you've unintentionally fallen into. Life and business coaching from one of the best. www.kimberlyfulcher.com

Yoga, Meditation, Breathwork
An extraordinary opportunity for personal growth in Los Angeles. New, eclectic, and spiritual yoga studio on the Westside. Yoga, breathwork, meditation and a wonderful variety of weekend workshops to develop a deeper practice and promote health and healing.


Products for Healthy Living  
Informed Living offers the healthiest products of their kind for the new generation of self-care. Products include the first Super-Multiple Vitamin program, to a new premium class of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, (literally milled in a vacuum to retain the maximum amount of healthy polyphenols.) Formulas are based on the latest scientific research, created by Randy Karp, the author of Misinformed About Food.


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Well-Being Resources


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