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Vivation FAQs


Q. What does the name "Vivation" mean?

A. The name is based on the Latin word "Vivere", (meaning "to live") and was created by Jim Leonard to be a distinct and unusual moniker for what he was teaching at the time—"Integrative Rebirthing." He wanted to distinguish this process from Rebirthing because Rebirthing focuses on healing the "birth trauma," whereas Vivation heals emotional pain and trauma from any time of life.

Q. How does Vivation differ from Rebirthing?

A. Rebirthing stresses achieving the "release" of negative emotions, while Vivation proposes "integration" of the negative energy and emotions into feelings that will contribute to your overall sense of well-being. There are no emotions that need to be gotten rid of in Vivation, they are all valuable and can be used for your benefit.

Q. How do I know it will work for me?

A. Vivation will work for anyone with a sincere desire to increase their happiness, peace, and overall sense of well-being. Vivation uses the body's own impulse toward balance to achieve this transformative shift.
If you are able to follow simple instructions, breathe, feel, and have the willingness to engage in the process for your own betterment, it will definitely work for you. The only individuals that Vivation doesn't benefit are those who do not have the willingness to change.

Q. Is Vivation weird?

A. Vivation is a very down-to-earth, practical method to achieve emotional resolution. Vivation is no weirder than having your behavior governed by deep, unresolved issues that cause you to act in ways that are not in your best interest. No weirder than working at a job you hate for years or staying in a relationship you've outgrown. No weirder than overeating or bingeing constantly to keep extra weight on because you're afraid of intimacy. These behaviors are weird, but so socially accepted that they've become normal.
Vivation is the opposite of weird— it's the skill of happiness—learning how to take the lemons that life often hands us and making lemonade.
So NO, Vivation is not weird. NOT learning Vivation is weird.

Q. How does Vivation reduce stress?

A. Vivation permanently reduces stress by eliminating the internal causes of discomfort so efficiently that the internal turmoil becomes non-existent. After practicing Vivation for a while, people begin to notice that the things that used to bother them no longer do, and that all of their emotions contribute to their well-being rather than detract from it.

Q. How does Vivation work with Loving Yourself Thin for weight loss?

A. Most compulsive overeaters USE food rather than EAT it. They use food to try to solve other problems in life, which cannot actually be solved by food or eating. Some people keep weight on because they do not want to be seen or being thin makes them feel too vulnerable. Some have been hurt in relationships and the extra weight is a good way to make sure they are not too attractive, or the target of sexual attention. Vivation resolves all these negative feelings at their source, and frees the compulsive overeater to make choices based on what helps them to achieve their goals for themselves. Negative emotions no longer govern your behavior, or cause you to act compulsively.


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