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® ~ Making Happiness Happen

Vivation® is a powerful, feelings-level, self-development technique that uses breathing, focused awareness, attention to feelings in the body, and the body's own impulse toward joyous living, to create greater well-being, harmony, effectiveness and creativity.

Vivation develops your ability to harmonize with and transform negative emotions to powerful feelings of self-confidence, optimism and love.

Vivation heals unresolved, negative feelings held in the body, which, if not healed, results in having to deal with more drama, more conflict and more dysfunctional behavior in family, coworker and personal relationships. Once these negative feelings are "integrated", a person experiences more happiness, joy, confidence in decision-making, and less compulsive behavior.

Happiness, creativity, and power are 3 of the most important aspects of well-being, and essential for a successful life. Now you can create these at will, anytime, anywhere...with Vivation. Learn how to resolve negative emotions and turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones.


"Transformational personal growth is an essential element in a happy, successful life. Vivation is the most powerful transformational process I have ever experienced. I enthusiastically recommend Vivation to everyone."
- Dick Bertram, Founder of Bertram Yachts

“You cannot change the wind, but you can trim your sails.”
- Helen Keller


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